Skin care awareness month.

15% off all uplifting collagen facials.


The colder weather is upon us and our skin as well. Take time for revitalizing , nourishing and 

regeneration of fresh plump skin.

New-laser Treatments for Anti-Aging skin care and more!


We are proud to bring to the city of Saline it’s first laser skin care facility .  With 20 years experience in the industry and keeping up on all it’s techniques and equipment .


- What is laser skin care?

- Does it hurt ?

- How long to does it take ?

- Will I see a noticeable difference immediately 

- Is it safe ?

- How are all the laser treatments performed ?

- The answer to all of these FAQ’s we have will   answer any more you may have.


 All Services rendered are a pay for fee service 

  payment is due at time of service .